Fan Fiction

These are Underdog storie written by loyal fans. I found these stories on CJ Clawson's Underdog Page. I email him asking for permission to post the stories. I have not heard from him. The site has not been updated since 2001. I have sent email to all the owners of these stories. All the email addresses have bounced back. If anyone has story they would like to submit, email me.

Tale of an Underdog by DJ Clawson

Shadows of the Future by DJ Clawson

The Reverse-O-Ray by Jonathon Cole

Underdog by Christopher Teo

No So Sweet Polly Purebread by Lindsey Moore

 Tap Tap And Missy Demeanor (original site no longer exists)

 Underdog Memories by Larry T Hall (re-published with permission)

Page Created on 22 August 2007

Updated 20 January 2010

I had to some searching to find DJ's stories.