Tap Tap And Missy Demeanor

By: Tammi

Underdog and Sweet Polly are framed by their doubles.

Disclaimer: Underdog is owned by Total Television Productions.

A black car entered the city. At the wheel was a female dog who looked just like Sweet Polly Purebred, except for her black leather jacked and unkempt hair.

"This is the perfect town for me to pull another heist," she told herself. "More money for the unstoppable Missy Demeanor."

She stopped at a bank, and walked in. "Time for this lady to make a withdrawal," she told herself.

"Good morning, Sweet Polly," the teller said. "How much money do you want today?"

Missy decided to take advantage of the situation. "All of it," she snarled. "This is a stickup!" She pointed a gun at the man.

"I won't do it!" he replied.

"This gun is loaded with bullets," she warned him. "And you will be, if you don't hand over the moolah!"

The teller ran to the safe, and gave her the money. She ran out.

Meanwhile, Shoeshine Boy was shining a customer's shoes, when he heard someone shout, "Sweet Polly Purebred just robbed a bank!"

Shoeshine finished his job, and the customer paid him. "There must be a mistake," he told himself. "I know her, and she's not a criminal."

Still, he ran off to a phone booth, and became Underdog. When he arrived at the bank, he shouted, "There's no need to fear! Underdog is here!"

When the bank president told him what had happened, Underdog said that he had his doubts.

"But it couldn't have been anyone else," the president protested.

The canine hero said that he would look into the matter. Then he left.

At that very moment, Missy driving along, when she decided to stop at a coffee house. She went in, and saw another dog at the counter.

"Hello there," she said nervously.

The male dog looked at her. "You look familiar," he remarked.

"So do you."

After the pair finished their coffees, they went outside, and got in Missy's car. Once inside, they introduced themselves.

"Tap Tap the Chiselor."

"Missy Demeanor, female bank robber."

"I've heard about you," Tap Tap revealed. "You're wanted in 12 states for a string of bank jobs."

"And you've been arrested twice for framing Underdog."

"Say," Tap Tap said. "How would you like to be my partner in crime? With you and me posing as Underdog and Sweet Polly, we could share a ton of loot!"

"I'd love it," she answered. "Let's do it, Tap Tap!"

A short while later, Tap Tap and Missy entered a jewelry store. Tap Tap was wearing an Underdog costume again, and Missy was cleverly disguised as Sweet Polly.

"Let's have all the jewels," Tap Tap said. "And make it snappy!"

The clerk realized he had no choice, and handed over the jewels. Missy put them in a bag. Then they walked out.

Shoeshine Boy saw them. "That's Tap Tap," he realized. "But who's that with him?"

He raced to a phone booth. But the villains saw him.

"What's that kid trying to do?" Missy asked.

"Probably trying to call Underdog for help," Tap Tap replied. "Let's stop him."

They ran over, and put themselves in front of the booth. "No you don't, kid," Tap Tap said. "You're not getting Underdog after us."

They seized Shoeshine Boy, and forced him into Missy's car. A man came along, and witnessed this. He entered the phone booth, and dialed 911.

"Hello, police?" he said. "I just saw Underdog and Sweet Polly Purebread kidnap Shoeshine Boy!"

As the criminals drove away with their prisoner, the real Sweet Polly arrived for work at the TV station. She found several policemen waiting for her.

"Sweet Polly Purebred, you're under arrest!" they informed her.

"For what?" she demanded to know.

"For robbing a bank and a jewelry store, and for kidnapping Shoeshine Boy."

"It couldn't have been me," she protested. "I was at home at those times."

"Tell it to the judge. Soon, we'll have Underdog in custody, too."

They read her her rights, and handcuffed her. She realized what was going on, but knew she couldn't prove her innocence. Before long, she was in jail.

Tap Tap and Missy arrived at a deserted farmhouse, and locked Shoeshine Boy in a bedroom.

"Soon the real Underdog and Sweet Polly will be behind bars, and we'll be able to continue our crime spree," Tap Tap gloated.

Shoeshine devised a plan. He untied himself, then went into a closet and became Underdog. Quickly, he flew out an open window.

Moments later, he saw the cops, and realized they were looking for him. He put phase two of his plan into operation.

"Hey, there's Underdog!" a policeman shouted. "He'll lead us to Shoeshine Boy!"

Underdog flew back to the farmhouse with the officers in pursuit. At the same time, Tap Tap and Missy opened the bedroom door, and found Shoeshine gone.

"Underdog must have rescued him when our backs were turned," Tap Tap concluded.

They went out on the porch, and saw the real Underdog. "Where's that kid?" they asked.

"Shoeshine Boy is safe and free. Now you had better come with me," Underdog replied.

"Nothing doing!" Tap Tap responded angrily. "You're going to get the blame for our crimes no matter what!"

With that, Underdog punched Tap Tap, and knocked him out just as the cops arrived.

"Two Underdogs?" they asked in confusion.

Underdog then explained what had happened. The officers took the crooks into custody, and let the real Sweet Polly out of jail.

As Underdog took to the skies, people said once again, "Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a frog! A frog?"

"Not plane, nor bird, not even frog. It's just little old me, Underdog!"

The End