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08/04/2007: Movie Premiere Weekend! I went on Saturday in my full Underdog regalia. I wore my shirt, hat, underdog ring, plus my stuffed Underdog. I got lots of smiles. I didn't care.  I was going to see Underdog! I laughed throughout the movie. I was the only one in the front section of the movie theatre. I really enjoyed the movie. I have a picture of me taken the day I went to the movie. Check the Photo Album on the front page.

08/07/2007: 1st Weekend at the Boox Office. Underdog Movie was third highest. Weekend Gross $11,585,121

08/08/2007: There has been many many reviews of the movie. Some good. Some not so good. The one I think that counts the most is the co-creator of the cartoon W. Watts "Buck" Biggers. He loved the movie and the music. You can read the review here.

08/13/2007: Second week at the Box Office. Underdog movie dropped to 6th place. Weekend Gross was $6,352,377. Making total gross so far to $9,169,779. Rush Hour 3 took the #1 spot in its opening weekend.

08/16/2007: So far the total gross for the movie is $24,643,289.

08/21/2007: 3rd weekend movie stats. Weekend Box Office Actuals (U.S.) Aug 17 - 19 weekend.  The movie dropped to 8th place. Weekend gross $3,848,791. Total gross so far is $31,927,488. Technically not bad.

08/22/2007: While browsing around, I thought I woud lookup the Macy's Underdog Balloon. I found a short movie clip of when Underdog was in the 1984 Macy's Parade. It was at X-Entertainment

08/28/2007: 4th weekend movie stats from Yahoo Movie Box Office. Weekend Box Office Actuals (U.S.) Aug 24 - 26 weekend. Underdog movie dropped to 11th place. Weekend Gross is $2,516,604. Total Gross so far is $36,909,933.

09/07/2007: 5th weekend movie stats from Yahoo Movie Box Office. Weekend Box Office Actuals (U.S.) Aug 31 - Sep 3 weekend. Underdog movie dropped to 14th place. Weekend gross is $2,335,288. Total Gross so far is $39,999,406. The move has already disappeared from my local movie theater here in Ohio.

01/14/2008: Movie has been released to DVD. Included the 1st episode of the cartoon series plus movie bloopers. Complete Box office Results.

02/04/2008: Yeah! Underdog made it to a commerical in Superbowl 42! Someone uploaded the commerical to YouTube.