Underdog Trivia

  1. The Underdog Movie made its debut on 8/3/2007. What was its Box Office Ranking in the first weekend?
  2. What episodes Sweet Polly was not in the show?
  3. What villian looked exactly like Underdog?
  4. What episode featured almost all of the villians?
  5. Most episodes were in 4 parts. What were the single only episodes?
  6. What was Simon's 1st invention in the Show?









  1.  3rd
  2. Only the first, Saif Waif
  3. Tap-Tap
  4. Vaccum Gun
  5. Saif Waif, March of the Monsters, Simon Says, Tricky Trap by Tap-Tap
  6. Gun that turned people into a photograph.