Underdog Christmas

Reprinted with author's permission. Original Site for this story no longer exists. This story was made a few years ago. I could not let this one crumble into dust.

By: Larry J. Hall


NARRATOR: Our story starts @ the downtown skating rink, where people are anticipating the holiday season with the cold weather.Our on the spot reporter, Sweet Polly Purebred, is doing a report.

SWEET POLLY: We're here @ the downtown skating rink, watching happy people skating by, looking forward to the holiday season. Look, here's somebody trying to skate. (We find Shoeshine Boy trying to keep his balance, but falls down on the ice.)

SHOESHINE BOY: I just can't do it.

NARRATOR: As Shoeshine Boy struggles to get up, the weather suddenly changes from 30 degrees to 100 degrees. The folks end up landing in water. What caused this heatwave? We'll find out on part 2 of our next episode.


NARRATOR: In our last episode, the weather had changed for the worst, as suddenly, the temperature went from 30 to 100 degrees.

SWEET POLLY: What happened? Can you tell us, weatherman Millard Spot, back in the studio, what happened?

MILLARD: Beats me, Sweet Polly. It's just hot in this city & cold everywhere else. (Shoeshine Boy hears what's going on & tells Sweet Polly.)

SWEET POLLY: Oh Shoeshine Boy, who could/ve done this? Underdog destroyed Simon Bar Sinister's weather machine & they're in jail, along with Riff Raff.

SHOESHINE BOY: Let's not forget those has-been villains, The Electric Eel & Batty Man.

SWEET POLLY: You've got to reach Underdog & solve this mystery!

SHOESHINE: I'll see what I can do.

NARRATOR: So Shoeshine Boy slips away from the crowd, finds a telephone booth & turns into... (BOOM!)

UNDERDOG: There's no need to fear, Underdog is here! When the weather's outside is frightful & won't let it snow, it's hip hip hip & away I go! (Underdog flies off)

NARRATOR: Underdog flies up into the air & finds a volcano hideout of...Oh no! It couldn't be! Tune into Part 3 for our next episode!


NARRATOR: In our last episode, Underdog spots a volcanic castle that is home to HEAT MISER!!! We find him in his castle watching television.

HEAT MISER: I just love watching those Rankin/Bass sequels. Here's the craziest one, Revenge of The Burgermeister! (In Sombertown, Burgermeister's in his office.)

BURGERMEISTER: We will get that Santa Claus once & for all! Delivering toys to our children, which is illegal! Bring in my secretary! (Secretary enters & turns out to be...)

NATASHA: Vhat you vant Boris, I mean Burgermeister? We keel Santa along with moose & squirrel?

BURGERMEISTER: Whoa boy! These cartoon crossover/inside jokes are terrible.

(Heat Miser's laughing @ that cartoon, but then the walls break down in his castle to have Underdog enter.)

UNDERDOG: There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!

HEAT MISER: You won't stop me, Underdog! I plan to melt the city for Christmas.

UNDERDOG: You're under arrest, you got no choice. But where have I heard that voice?

HEAT MISER: I'm your narrator, you idiot! George S. Irving plays both Heat Miser & the Underdog narrator! But tune in to Part 4 to see Underdog's doom!


NARRATOR: In our last episode, Underdog's surprised that Heat Miser's the cause of all this.

HEAT MISER; Hey Underdog, get out your swimwear! You';; be one tanned dog when I'm done withn you! (Zaps Underdog with heat ray)

NARRATOR: Poor Underdog. How will he get out of this?

HEAT MISER: Shut up, narrator!

UNDERDOG: (Softly) The secret compartment of my ring I fill, with an Underdog super energy pill. But please netowrk censors, don't edit I plea, it's just a harmless pill and I am drug free.

(Underdog swallows the pill with approval from the network censors. The he gets up, re-energized, battling Heat Miser!)

HEAT MISER: Get him you fools!

NARRATOR: Underdog battles Heat Miser's little devils until he hears the wind howling. Out came...)

SNOW MISER: Invading my territory Heat Miser? This should teach you a lesson.

(Snow Miser zaps his frozen. Then Underdog takes him away to the cooler to chill. Back in the city, he arrives back @ the rink where it's cold again.)

SWEET POLLY: Oh Underdog, the weather is back to normal. Close your eyes. (She gets out some mistletoe & kisses Underdog.)

UNDERDOG: The weather is back to wind & snow, but now it's time for me to go. (Flies off)

NEW NARRATOR: So Underdog took care of Heat Miser.

SWEET POLLY: Where's our regular narrator?

NEW NARRATOR: He's gone as well. So tune in to Rocky & Bullwinkle!

SWEET POLLY: Wrong show.

MAN: Look up in the sky, it's a bird.

WOMAN: It's a plane. BOY: It's a frog.

BOTH: A frog?

UNDERDOG: Not bird nor plane or even frog. It's just little old me, (Crashes into Christmas tree), Underdog.


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